Licensed Installers

When we aren’t around the security systems we install will be. We are licensed to sell and install home security, fire alarms and PI work in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey. Along with various other options we offer our main objective is to keep you safe at all times. Rental programs are available for Camera Systems and Spy Shop Equipment. With our electronic services we can make any home into a certified fortress. We are licensed for commercial and residential installations. Other services we offer include:

We are licensed sellers and installers of multiple home alarm systems including:

  • Fire
  • Burglar
NSS offers CCTV services or closed caption television. This is to ensure the security of your home, business or event with close monitoring and recording.
At NSS we offer access to your home security video through your phone or tablet. remote access is one of the most popular and up and coming add-ons to our security systems.
Access control is offered to our business clientele. This allows access to your employees only and is an essential part of keeping your business as secure as possible.

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