Years Of Experience

Some investigations involve monitoring a single subject, while other investigations may be more complex; uncovering elaborate schemes at multiple locations in many different countries. With this in mind, National Surveillance & Security can scale an investigation as needed when new intelligence becomes available. We have many years in the field and we handle many different cases that allow us to be prepared for anything. Here are a few of the Investigative Services we offer:

NSS members are highly trained and now how to expertly execute tasks at hand.
No matter the subject, NSS can covertly obtain any type of information needed whether it’s on a single or multiple targets.
NSS handles counter-surveillance with methods such as:

  • Bug Sweeps
  • Phone Taps
  • Surveillance ID
  • Numerous Other Methods
NSS knows how to properly track vehicles. Using methods gathered from over the years, we can effectively track any type of vehicle while staying completely discrete.
With advancement in recent technology, NSS is able to more effectively obtain video surveillance than ever before. With multiple methods at our disposal we can assure that video evidence of any type can and will be obtained.
NSS offers services to all corporate clients that can provide knowledge to further enhance the growth of the company over a rival.
We take all of our services very seriously. When it comes to missing persons cases we make sure we use our most advanced methods, as well as our most experienced agents, in order to have the best chances of successfully locating the subject at hand.
With years of experience, NSS is able to utilize it’s knowledge when it comes to finding and recovering assets. Whether it’s for large corporations or small business owners, our methods are unmatched by competition.

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