Unmatched Service

Our guard services vary anywhere from uniformed, plain clothes, armed and unarmed to secret buyer for retail locations. We offer the most skilled teams around that are highly trained into multiple methods of protection. We also offer firearms training and self defense classes in order to further educate our clients in a situation where NSS is not present. We guarantee all our services and can assure you that we are the best suited company for any job or clientele.

Great James Brown


Our friend, the late, great James Brown trusted us with his security detail.

NSS offers highly trained agents in two different methods of protective services:

  • Armed
  • Unarmed
NSS has worked with numerous executive protection cases. We offer these services to any VIP, celebrity, or political figure that is at a higher risk level than most civilians.
Our personal protection services are suited for business owners, event operators and other low profile clientele that could be considered low risk potential. Depending on the situation we can use armed or unarmed methods of protection.
NSS offers firearms training in order to further protect our clients.
Self defense classes are offered to all clients who are interested in having further assurance in their safety. Not only will our team be able to protect you, we will offer you the opportunity to protect yourself when we aren’t on the case.

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